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NIA 24 Niacin- Powered Skin therapy

Regional Dermatology of Durham is excited to offer selected NIA-24 products. We have been looking for a skin care product that has value at a reasonable price.

We tried several products and kept coming back to the NIA 24 products. We love the fresh smell, the ease of use, and the reasonable price point.

It is important to realize that the foundation for any anti-aging regimen is good sun protection.

This includes wearing a sunscreen daily – SPF 30 on ALL exposed skin (don’t forget the hands, arms, shoulders, neck and chest!), wearing sun protective clothing and minimizing exposure to the sun.

We are all unique individuals and therefore it is important to realize that our personal preferences (what we like to use), what we can tolerate (what we can use) and benefit (how well it works) will vary.   There are so many anti-aging products available and there is no limit on what you can spend. Used appropriately (it takes a very small amount), the NIA products are a great addition to the individual (even one with sensitive skin) who wants to improve his/her skin.

The NIA24 products contain Pro-Niacin, a patented molecule, which penetrates the layers of the epidermis. Pro Niacin is converted into nicotinic acid and ultimately its active form NAD.  NAD stimulates the cell’s natural repair process through several mechanisms including improved energy metabolism and release of leptin, a natural repair hormone.  Pro-Niacin may gradually improve dark spots (hyperpigmentation) slowly over time by improving the uneven or excessive distribution of pigmentation.

The NIA products can be used with other anti-aging strategies and have been shown to increase the tolerability of other anti-aging treatments including tretinoin and other retinoids (retinols, adapalene, and tazarotene)

Introduce your skin to NIA!

Perform a test dose by applying one of the creams to a dime size area on the inside of the arm or side of the face.  Wait 30 minutes and check for redness.

Some people may experience a warm sensation or even mild redness and irritation or mild breakouts; this is from the active ingredients.  It is recommended that you phase in the products by using them a few days a week and gradually increase to daily use. These products are compatible with other non-irritating skin care products.

If you have purchased your products from us & are unable to use them, you may return the partially used container for a full refund if it is within 6 months of purchase.

Gentle Cleansing Cream  (1% Pro-Niacin)

A gentle, cream cleanser that gently removes surface impurities and makeup

  • This cleanser is activated by water
  • Apply a small amount to wet face and/or neck
  • Gently massage with circular motion adding warm water
  • Rinse or tissue off

Eye Repair Complex  (5% Pro-Niacin, Vitamin C and E, Caffeine)

  • Apply 1 to 2 times a day
  • Firms, brightens, soothes eye
  • Use a very small amount to clean skin 1 to 2 times a day to eyelids only

Intensive Recovery Complex
(5% Pro-Niacin, ceramides, complex of vitamin C,

  • Treatment and moisturizer
  • Brightens, firms, moisturizes
  • Use a pearl-size amount am and/or pm

Sun Damage Repair for Decolletage and Hands
(2.5% Pro-Niacin, brighteners)

  • Evens skin tones and texture
  • Skin feels more smooth and supple
  • Apply am and pm