RDD Provide Skin Care for Men

Skin care concerns are no longer just a woman’s issue.  For men, years of sun damage will lead to premature aging of the face and skin, lesions such as brown spots,  scaly spots, broken capillaries, and wrinkles are common skin problems for men.  However, men are at a high risk for developing skin cancers, and serious medical problems can occur if potential skin cancers are not properly diagnosed and treated.

RDD Offers Yearly Skin Examinations for Men

Our dermatologists at Regional Dermatology of Durham recommends yearly skin checks to safe guard from skin cancers.  Our physicians at Regional Dermatology of Durham can help you address some of these common conditions, and we wants to help you look and feel your best.

Your dermatologist is also an expert in preventive skin care solutions.  There is no reason you can’t still enjoy the sun, but you need to do it safely.

RDD offer Cosmetic Procedures Using State of the Art Lasers and Botox for Men

Whether you are interested in a skin cancer screening, a facial rejuvenation program including VersaPulse laser treatments, BOTOX®  injections, to discuss hair loss, or any other skin problem, our physicians at Regional Dermatology of Durham are ready to help you.

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