ZO Skin Health Products

ZOZO® Medical therapeutic products and protocols, available only through physicians have been optimized to treat a wide range of skin disorders and chronic conditions including skin aging and pigmentation.


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A wide range of products, regimens, and programs help maintain the results of therapeutic treatments, and provide effective daily skincare and protection from the environment.

25 years in the making, Dr. Zein Obagi’s Brightenex™ is bioengineered to brighten and treat discoloration, while Vitamin A Micro Emulsion Retamax™ triggers the natural formation of collagen, reversing signs of aging. Available through physicians.

Reclaim your complexion

For devotees of Dr. Zein Obagi’s lines, there’s now another reason to covet his products. His latest venture, ZO® Medical, melds what the doctor is best known for – serious skin care – in an effective system with no restriction for how long the products can be used. With a goal of “whipping the skin into shape,” the multistep approach tackles wrinkles, spots, enlarged pores and sun damage by strengthening it so it is more resistant to age-related changes. Different from the namesake Obagi Medical and his offshoot ZO® Skin Health, Dr. Obagi says his new endeavor, “raises the bar by treating the skin at every layer. Feeding it with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and retinol allows you to get the best results so the skin can come full circle.

Featured Products:

  • Balatone™
  • Cebatrol™
  • Oilacleanse™
  • Retamax™
  • Brightenex™